Obama Protects Democrats From Obamacare


“A few years from now, when people are using this to get coverage and everybody is feeling pretty good about all the choices and competition that they’ve got, there are going to be a whole bunch of folks who say, yes, I always thought this provision was excellent,” President Obama said of the Affordable Care Act back in 2013. ” You watch. It will not be called Obamacare.”

Flash forward to March of 2014, and the Obama administration has been forced into yet another Obamacare delay to protect the electoral chances of Democrats:

As early as this week, according to two sources, the White House will announce a new directive allowing insurers to continue offering health plans that do not meet ObamaCare’s minimum coverage requirements.

Prolonging the “keep your plan” fix will avoid another wave of health policy cancellations otherwise expected this fall.

The cancellations would have created a firestorm for Democratic candidates in the last, crucial weeks before Election Day.

The White House is intent on protecting its allies in the Senate, where Democrats face a battle to keep control of the chamber.

“I don’t see how they could have a bunch of these announcements going out in September,” one consultant in the health insurance industry said. “Not when they’re trying to defend the Senate and keep their losses at a minimum in the House. This is not something to have out there right before the election.”

These cancellations are still coming, mind you. The President is just using some dubious legal authority to change the timing so that when Americans get hit by them it’s at a more politically opportune time for the left.

What’s particularly galling about this maneuver is how it’s so transparently aimed at low information voters. People who have no idea what’s going on with these policies until they get hit over the head. Obama and Democrats are counting on voters being so stupid they won’t realize they’re going to get mugged until they actually get mugged.

You know, after the election.