North Dakota Job Openings Outnumber Unemployed People


According to a report from the state, North Dakota jobs outnumber unemployed people.

“The Labor Market Information Center has released the February 2014 Online Job Openings Report, a monthly recap of online job openings and resumés activity from Job Service North Dakota’s labor exchange system,” reads the press release from North Dakota Job Service that landed in my inbox this morning.

The full report is below, and it contains some fascinating data. Like this:

North Dakota’s rate of unemployed persons per job opening was 0.6 in December 2013, the latest month for which data are available. One year prior, North Dakota’s rate was 0.7. The U.S. rate for December was 2.9. Twenty-one North Dakota counties reported unemployed-per-opening rates of less than 1.0 which indicates more job openings than resident labor supply. One year ago, thirteen counties reported rates of less than 1.0.

What’s even more amazing is that 0.6 unemployed-to-job-openings ratio is actually up a bit a 0.4 ratio during the holiday season. To put those numbers into perspective, here are the trend lines for the number of unemployed people per job opening for the United States and North Dakota (pulled from the report):


A map showing the county-by-county numbers is above. Remember, this is just a snapshot of the overall labor market in the state, albeit one pulled from the largest jobs database in the state.

Here’s the full report:

Online Jobs Opening Report