North Dakota Legislative Race Update: Republicans Add A Candidate, Dems Still 40 Candidates Short


Our most recently updated list of North Dakota legislative candidates – based on Secretary of State filings and announcements in the media – is below.

Yesterday Democrats had just 32 candidates (10 incumbents) for 72 legislative races, leaving 40 races without a candidate. That number is unchanged today. Currently, Democrats have either no candidates, or lack a fully slate of House and Senate candidates, in 19 legislative districts.

Republicans added a candidate today. Cindy Beck of Wahpeton has filed to run as a Republican in District 25.

That brings Republicans to 65 candidates (49 incumbents) for 72 races.

A Fargo-area Republican legislator says District 45 should add a third candidate this evening. If they do, that brings their total to 66 with just six races – in the very left-wing Districts 9 and 11 – without candidates.

The deadline for legislative candidates to get on the primary ballot is April 7th.

Here’s the most recent run-down of races. We do our best to provide an accurate picture. Thanks to those of you who have helped us update or correct information, and if you see anything missing or mistaken please email me at

Legislative Races by Rob Port