North Dakota Democrats And Their #WarOnWomen


As James Kerian noted in his column today, prominent Democrat contributor Sam McQuade referred to Republican state Senator Margaret Sitte as a “bitch” on Facebook recently:


According to the Secretary of State’s disclosure website, McQuade has given $3,000 so far to Sitte’s opponent, Demcorat Erin Oban who has tried to strike a conciliatory tone in a Republican-leaning district. “I’ll work with anyone,” Oban says in her recent television ad noting that she doesn’t see the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Clearly, one of her biggest supporters does. Women who disagree with him are bitches, apparently.

McQuade has also donated $1,000 to Oban’s House running mate Tracy Potter, $1,000 to ActBlue North Dakota (a left-wing contribution clearing house), and $500 to North Dakotans Against Measure 1.

Will Democrats hold McQuade responsible for his comments about Senator Sitte? Are they reacting to this the same way they would react if a prominent Republican had called a female Democrat state leader a gender epithet?

Judging how they handled some misogyny from prominent party members last cycle, don’t bet on it.

During the 2012 election former North Dakota Democrat Party chairman Jim Fuglie wrote a post on a left-wing blog run by a North Dakota member of the Democrat National Committee speculating about whether or not Republican Superintendent candidate Kirsten Baesler has breast implants.


To be sure, the internet is a nasty place where a lot of nasty things get said, but here we have a prominent contributor to Democrat causes, a member of the Democrat National Committee and a former Democrat state party chairman all behaving in a manner that, had a Republican male done it, would have the left screaming “#waronwomen.”

Double standards? You betcha.

You can bet that Erin Oban would react if a Republican had called her a “bitch,” as well she should. She doesn’t deserve to be called that. But will she have the integrity to hold one of her own supporters to that standard?

That remains to be seen.