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On Television: The Democrat #WarOnWomen And The Forum's Crappy Polling

On Television: The Democrat #WarOnWomen And The Forum's Crappy Polling

On Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program last night we discussed two posts on SAB from yesterday that got a lot of attention, detailing a prominent contributor to Democrat candidates and the anti-Measure 1 campaign calling a Republican state Senator a “bitch.” Some of the reactions to those posts have been pretty amazing,

North Dakota Democrats And Their #WarOnWomen

As James Kerian noted in his column today, prominent Democrat contributor Sam McQuade referred to Republican state Senator Margaret Sitte as a “bitch” on Facebook recently: According to the Secretary of State’s disclosure website, McQuade has given $3,000 so far to Sitte’s opponent, Demcorat Erin Oban who has tried to strike a conciliatory tone in

James Kerian: North Dakota Democrat Contributor Calls Republican Senator A "Bitch"

Politics is a messy business.  It’s full of insults, smears and money.  But even in the mud pit that is American politics it can be instructive to see where one group or party most intensely focuses its contempt. The Democrats have eighteen candidates for the ND State Senate in this election.  They have raised a