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What Version Of Reality Does The Fargo Forum Editorial Board Live In?

What Version Of Reality Does The Fargo Forum Editorial Board Live In?

North Dakota’s 2015 legislative session begins today, kicked off with the State of the State address from Governor Jack Dalrymple. After that most, of the week will be taken up by other ceremonial addresses to lawmakers from the judiciary, tribal leaders, etc., etc. The first committee hearings will begin on Friday, I believe, and in

On Television: The Democrat #WarOnWomen And The Forum's Crappy Polling

On Valley News Live’s 6:30 Point of View program last night we discussed two posts on SAB from yesterday that got a lot of attention, detailing a prominent contributor to Democrat candidates and the anti-Measure 1 campaign calling a Republican state Senator a “bitch.” Some of the reactions to those posts have been pretty amazing,

North Dakota Democrats And Their #WarOnWomen

As James Kerian noted in his column today, prominent Democrat contributor Sam McQuade referred to Republican state Senator Margaret Sitte as a “bitch” on Facebook recently: According to the Secretary of State’s disclosure website, McQuade has given $3,000 so far to Sitte’s opponent, Demcorat Erin Oban who has tried to strike a conciliatory tone in

Top Democrat Legislative Candidate Erin Oban Misses Out On National Support

Earlier this week I took a look at the fundraising in the state’s legislative races, and highlighted a few of the closer competitions. Despite Republicans having a massive fundraising advantage statewide, there are a few areas where Democrats are taking a stand. The District 35 race, in particularly, is hotly contested. Democrat Erin Oban is

League Of Women Voters Did Poor Job With District 35 Debate

Yesterday I wrote a post analyzing the fundraising in North Dakota’s various legislative races. One race, in particular, stood out because of the huge amount of money involved so far. Democrat Senate candidate Erin Hill-Oban, running in District 35, has raised nearly $65,000 for her race alone, not counting the $22,000 raised by her House

ND Republicans Have Legislative Fundraising Advantage, Dems Have Some Opportunities

Yesterday I took a look at the fundraising in North Dakota’s statewide campaigns and, not surprisingly, the Republicans have a substantial advantage though Democrats have an opportunity in at least one race (Agriculture Commissioner). Today I took a look at the fundraising in the Legislative races and it’s pretty much the same story. Republicans have

In Key Legislative Race North Dakota Democrat Erin Oban Avoids Abortion Issue

Erin Oban is the North Dakota Democrat candidate for the state Senate in District 35, running against Republican incumbent Margaret Sitte. She’s also the wife of Democrat party executive director Chad Oban, which is what makes this ad kind of hilarious. While her husband is out on the campaign trail throwing partisan bombs and accusing