No Plain Talk Podcast Today, and Some Information for Those of You Who Might Not Be Listening Yet


There is no episode of the Plain Talk Podcast today.

One of my children came down with a stomach bug on Sunday, and ended up staying home with me yesterday. I typically record and edit each new episode of the show the day before it releases. I was able to get Monday’s show done on Sunday. But, alas, working Monday to produce a show for today proved impossible.

I’ll be back to the regular schedule tomorrow.

Nearly two months into producing it, I’ve been very gratified with the response to the podcast. The audience is growing every week. Based on the feedback I’ve been getting from you folks, I’m getting podcast veterans and newbies alike.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, you should try it. I’ve been a fan of the medium for years. In fact from 2006 to about 2008 I sporadically published a podcast called Dakota Talk via the BlogTalkRadio platform (I still have the audio, and it’s sort of painful to listen to).

Today I’m following a half dozen or so podcasts at any given time (if you’re wondering, my preferred podcasting app is Pocket Casts).

Since I started Plain Talk I’ve heard from a lot of you in the audience who seem a little intimidated by podcasts. You don’t need to be! They’re very easy. You can listen to the audio of each episode I post here on the blog, or on social media, but podcasts work best on your mobile device.

There are bunch of podcasting apps out there, plus both Android and Apple have podcasting apps baked into their phones and tablets.

If you click here you can see the Plain Talk subscribe links for the most popular apps. Or just download one of the apps and search for “Plain Talk with Rob Port.” You should find the show.

If any of you need some help getting started, shoot me an email at I’ve helped several people get started already, and I’m happy to help you as well.