ND Democrat: "You know this assembly has fallen into disrepute when I have to stand up to defend free enterprise."


There was a humorous moment on the floor of the North Dakota House today while debating a bill addressing insurance companies using languages other than English in their policies and marketing information.

The bill, HB1196, would allow insurance companies to use other languages but would require that any legal disputes arising be based on the English versions of the policies/marketing.

Nothing in state law, I should point out, prevents insurance companies from using different languages now.

Anyway, after some on the floor objected to the use of other languages Rep. Glassheim, who would probably admit to you sits somewhere just to the right of Marx on the left-right political spectrum, rose to the the Republican-dominated chamber that “you know this assembly has fallen into disrepute when i have to stand up to defend free enterprise.”

It’s worth noting that there is some grounds for legitimate objection to this bill. Rep. Jim Kasper noted that opening this door could allow insurance companies to be accused of discrimination if they don’t translate their policies.

The Democrats are eternally pushing new laws creating ever more expansive victim groups who can file suit over perceived discrimination. That sort of foolishness has unintended consequences.