Native American Designer Of "Fighting Sioux" Logo Selling New Artwork Based On It


Here’s a chance to own a piece of history, and to maybe help put right a wrong.

Bennett Brien is auctioning off a sculpture based on the controversial University of North Dakota “Fighting Sioux” logo he designed.

I say “history” because, as you know unless you’ve been living under a rock, the “Fighting Sioux” logo is no more. After years of controversy and debate, the logo has been retired and the university is in the process of picking a new logo/nickname. That means the old merchandise showing the much-loved logo is going to be increasingly hard to come by because they aren’t making it any more. This work is a premium piece based on the original logo created by the guy who designed it.

And here’s why I say “put right a wrong.”  If you don’t know Brien’s story, he’s a Native American artist from the Turtle Mountain reservation. That’s right, the guy who designed the logo that has spawned years of heated debate because it’s supposedly offensive to Native Americans is himself a Native American.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, when Brien designed the logo, he was only paid “a couple of thousand bucks” as he told me when I spoke with him this evening (I asked him about it, he didn’t offer). That’s a paltry sum given all the merchandise and licensing deals involving the logo over the years. It seems like he deserves more.

Below are the pictures of the not-quite-finished sculpture. Brien told me he has some finishing touches to make to it tomorrow and then it will be complete. He’s asking $25,000 for the piece, but he’s also willing to consider offers. People wishing to make serious inquiries about purchasing the piece can call Brien at 701-278-3394.

Full disclosure: I stand to receiving nothing from any possible sale other than the satisfaction of helping Mr. Brien sell a wonderful piece of art.