MSNBC Selectively Edits Video Of Sandy Hook Father To Claim Gun Rights Activists Heckled Him


MSNBC is claiming that the father of a Sandy Hook Elementary shooting victim was heckled by 2nd amendment supporters. Here’s their video:

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The problem? Well, the video was selectively edited. Here’s a clip I made showing the context, pulled from the full video of Mr. Nick Heslin’s testimony:

As you can see, Mr. Heslin asks a rhetorical question of the audience about why anyone needs “assault” or “military-style” weapons. He pauses, and when nobody answers he claims “Nobody can answer my question.”

At which point some people in the crowd, not wanting to give the idea that they had no response, jumped in for a few seconds. The crowd was quickly quieted and Heslin, obviously feeling no animosity toward the crowd at all, goes on to say that he respects their opinion.

That’s not quite the “heckling” the folks at MSNBC are claiming.

In related news, this selective editing stuff is becoming quite a habit for the folks at MSNBC/NBC.

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