North Dakota Democrats Use Mother's Day As An Opportunity To Fundraise On Abortion


Anyone who pays attention to the messaging coming from North Dakota Democrats these days has noticed that their favorite word is “extremist.”

According to them Republicans – the people North Dakota voters have seen fit to give a supermajority in the state Legislature as well as every single statewide elected office except one – are dirty, rottenĀ extremists.

Even self-styled cowpoke and all-around nice guy Ryan Taylor pulls out the e-word when describing Republicans to the party faithful. “We have a great opportunity to restore balance to North Dakota politics, the kind of balance that creates better policies where all voices are heard and everybody has a seat at the table, not just political cronies of the super majority extremists,” he wrote in a recent fundraising pitch to Democrats sent out on April 30th.

But, speaking of extremism, I wonder how many North Dakotans (beyond the Democrat party base) would see fundraising on the abortion issue on Mother’s Day to be the act of political moderates? That’s what Democrats are doing.

See the emailed pitch below.

The text is clearly referring to North Dakota’s pro-life laws passed during the 2013 legislative session, but it’s worth noting that every single one of those laws passed with a bi-partisan vote. Some of the laws didn’t get very many Demcorat votes, but not one of them were a single-party vote.

So you have to wonder, who are the extremists? The majority of elected leaders who represent the choices of a majority of voters in North Dakota? Or this thoroughly marginalized political party that has more in common with MSNBC talking heads than the average North Dakota voter?

Here’s the full email, with the recipients email redacted.