Man Arrested For Mass Stabbing At Texas College


So, time for knife control right?

CYPRESS, Texas (TheBlaze/AP) — A sheriff’s official says one person has been arrested in a suspected stabbing attack at a Houston-area community college campus.

Alan Bernstein of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t know how many people were hurt in the Tuesday attack on the Lone Star community college system’s campus in Cypress, but multiple people could be seen being loaded into medical helicopters.

Local station KRIV-TV reports that Robert Raza, a spokesman with local paramedic group Cy-Fair EMS, “confirmed there were 14 total victims, 12 of whom were taken to hospitals.”

Bernstein says authorities have one suspect in custody.

According to the gun control folks, people commit crimes because they have guns available to them. But that’s not true. People commit crimes for lots of reasons. Maybe it’s economics. Maybe it’s revenge. Maybe it’s politics. Or maybe they’re just crazy.

But it’s not because they have a certain weapon – be it a knife or a gun or a baseball bat – available to them.

To address crime, you need to address what motivates crime, not the implements used in crimes.