LIVE at 9:30 A.m.: Gov. Doug Burgum Talks With Rob Port About Signed Bills and Vetoes


North Dakota’s legislative session is ending, and that always means a flurry of bills getting signed into law, or occasionally vetoed, by the Governor.

On this episode of Plain Talk Live, Governor Doug Burgum talks about the bills he’s signed, and the bills he’s yet to sign.

Among the bills already signed is one protecting schools from lawsuits over 10 commandment displays and another providing health benefits for the family of fallen first responders. Burgum has also signed a “stand your ground” bill that removes the “duty to retreat” from the state’s self-defense “castle doctrine,” new protections for free speech on the state’s campuses, and a massive infrastructure bonding package.

Among the bills vetoed? One would have restricted the participation of transgendered athletes in K-12 sports, and the other would have stop the state government from implementing mask mandates in the future.

Why did he make these decisions?

I’ll ask.

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