LIVE at 11:30 Am: Sen. Kevin Cramer Talks About the Possible Return of Earmarks, Social Security and Medicare Reform, and Infrastructure


Rep. Kevin Cramer answers questions from the Grand Forks Herald editorial board Wednesday afternoon. (Joshua Komer/Grand Forks Herald)

Infrastructure is all the rage in Washington D.C. these days. Plus, a lot of spending and policymaking that’s not at all related to infrastructure that some politicians would like to stuff into infrastructure bills.

U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer talks about it on this episode of Plain Talk Live.

By the way, if we’re going to talk infrastructure, shouldn’t we also be talking pipelines? They are, after all, infrastructure that carries hugely important commodities, like oil and gas, which each of us is using each and every day. The fate of the Dakota Access Pipeline hangs in the balance, and the battle to build other pipelines continues.

Also, with America’s annual budget deficits now routinely hitting $1 trillion and more, Cramer is proposing some legislation dealing with Social Security and Medicare. Those are two of the biggest drains on the national budget, but also some of the most intractable areas for reform, politically speaking.

Cramer will speak to what he has in mind.

And could earmark spending be making a comeback? Our national lawmakers all but banished the practice under Republican leadership years ago, but they could be making a comeback.

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