It’s Wednesday, which means it’s my day in Rob’s rotation to make a post. The challenge is it is also Christmas Eve day – the start of an annual two day stretch which comprises my favorite time of year, and has since I was a kid. For these two days, no matter what has been going on in life and in the world, I have been able to step away from it and enjoy what is supposed to be important, and I hope you have too.

I just can’t find it in my nature, during these two days, to be overly critical of anything or anybody. I can press the pause button on my concerns; they will all be there on the 26th. That is the way it should be too, and I hope you all can relate in your own way somehow. Nothing happening “out there” is worth not enjoying what the season of giving is supposed to be about (for the many of you of the Christian faith) – a celebration of the greatest gift ever given to man, in the form of a child who would assure our salvation. Many other faiths also have cause for celebration at this time of year in their own way. Those who do not believe in a faith also find occasion to pause and remember family and all other things truly important.

So, with this all in mind, it is a bit hard to write a “regular” post discussing the serious matters of the day. There are plenty of serious matters to write about too, but nothing that can’t wait until next week. In the meantime, let’s all stop and reflect what Christmas is all about, and I can’t think of a better way to do this than show it with the help of clips from some movies and comedy skits about the season…. So kick back, pour an egg nog, and enjoy (oh, sorry about the ads, but that is how YouTube makes their money).

Christmas is about meaningless contests

Christmas is the excitement of receiving things you would never buy for yourself (well, maybe you would)

Christmas is also a season of light, or lights… as in lots of them

And sitting down to share in the blessing of a meal

And if the meal wasn’t enough, there are plenty of treats made with love to enjoy

Christmas is about remembering everyone has a place

Christmas is about getting into the “spirit” of the season

Christmas is about redemption

Christmas is about music, even if it isn’t well… you know, Christmas music

Christmas is about Peace



Christmas is about wishes coming true, and of homecoming (ok, not exactly a movie or a skit)

(And these scenes never get old)

Christmas is many different things to many different people. Whatever it is to you, I wish you a merry one full of joy and good health.