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ND Democrats Announce Kroll’s as State Convention Site (Satire)

ND Democrats Announce Kroll’s as State Convention Site (Satire)

With only about a month and a half to go before their 2016 state convention, the North Dakota Democratic-Non Partisan League has announced the location of their Bismarck-based event will be the Kroll’s Diner on the corner of 19th/ Airport Road and Main Street/ Old Highway 10. Party Chair Kylie Oversen emphasized that attendees should

64th Legislative Assembly – The Final Score

The 64th Legislative Assembly concluded April 29th, consuming 78 of their authorized 80 days for the biennium and leaving one bill in the unfinished business file. The session had unique elements, such as the drastic changes of revenue forecasts from the beginning of the session until the end, and the budget jockeying that had to

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 12 Thu & Fri Highlights- NDUS Email and Federal Funding Requirements (plus more)

Week 12 wraps up with a review of some of our marker bills being heard by the “two day” committees. Each house’s committees are either three day or two day (except for appropriations committees, which meet Monday through Friday), with three day committees meeting Monday through Wednesday. The two day committees wrap up the rest

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 12 Tue & Wed Highlights- State Sovereignty and Higher Ed Governance

Analysis of Week 12 continues in this post, where we will discuss bill activities for Tuesday, March 24 and Wednesday, March 25. Tuesday and Wednesday are a bit slower after a very busy Monday, at least for our marker bills. In addition to the bills listed below, the Senate Appropriations Committee hearings will continue for

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 12 Monday Highlights- Auditors and Lawyers and Drones Oh My

Monday starts Week 12 of the 64th Legislative Assembly, with Day 52. This will put them at 65% through their allotted 80 days per biennium. Rumors are active, however, that they are saving five to ten days should they need to come together later to address budgetary or other concerns. If this holds true, the

64th Legislative Assembly: Week 11 Mon & Tue Highlights- Local control over school concealed carry, Legislative control over tuition, Thanksgiving store opening and Head Start

The 64th Assembly continues into Week 11 on Monday. Here is what is on tap for the first part of the week! Monday, March 16th HB 1195 – Allowing school boards to exercise local control over decisions on concealed carry in schools Senate Education Missouri River Room 10:00am The second round of committee debate on what