Last Ever Snowfall in Britain to Happen This Weekend


Something unusual might occur at the famed Oxford-Cambridge boat race this Easter Sunday…snow.

The Easter Sunday Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge universities may see snow for the first time in three decades, the U.K.’s Met Office said.

Snow flurries are possible amid temperatures of up to 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), according to the forecast for London on March 31, when the 159th Boat Race takes place on the River Thames. The last time it snowed during the annual race was 1983, the Met Office said, when Oxford won.

Freezing temperatures have disrupted flights, train services and sporting events across large parts of the U.K. this month. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, thousands of homes were without power after severe snowstorms and strong winds damaged cables last weekend.

March may be the coldest month since 1962, with a mean temperature of 2.5 degrees Celsius that’s three degrees below the long-term average, according to the Met Office.

Which, of course, is odd since due to man’s depredations and failure to act in the face of a catastrophic crisis, snow is a thing of the past in Britain.

Climate expert Dr David Viner, who until recently worked at Britain’s world-renowned Climatic Research Unit at the ‘famed’ University of East Anglia, in 2000 in the Independent made the expert prediction that snow would soon become a “rare and exciting event”.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

He’s an expert…and a SCIENTIST…so it’s gotta be true.  Maybe this is the last snowfall.