Kevin Cramer Co-Sponsors Bill To Repeal Death Tax


North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer’s office will be backing a new effort to repeal the nation’s estate tax, more accurately described as the death tax.

Rep. Richard Hudson of North Carolina has introduced HR483, and Rep. Cramer has decided to co-sponsor the bill.

You can read the “Dear Colleague” letter Hudson sent around below, arguing in favor of the bill by noting the disproportionate impact it has on farm families (you can see at the top of the page where Cramer wrote “yes” indicating his support of the bill).

Of all the various ways the federal government taxes us, the death may be the most odious. Not only does it harm small, family-owned businesses but it’s a tax on wealth that has already been taxed multiple times already. Supporters of the death tax like to point out that it doesn’t hit all that many people, but it does hit some people, or else what would be the point of the tax?

And why should we ever want a tax that singles out a small group of people for an exorbitant rate? Taxes should be flat, broad and low.

Kudos to Congressman Cramer for taking a leadership position on this legislation.

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