Kelsey Grammer Cuts Ad for Marsy’s Law


The vast majority of North Dakota’s legal system – from cops to defense attorneys to prosecutors to victim’s rights groups – is united in opposition to Measure 3. That’s Marsy’s Law, which sitting state Supreme Court Justice Dale Sandstrom called “a hobby farm for an eccentric billionaire.”

But television’s Dr. Frasier Crane thinks it’s ok so…

Kelsey Grammer’s personal life is tragic, no doubt. But his sister was murdered by Freddie Glenn in Colorado 1975. His father was murdered in New Jersey in 1968.

I’m not sure what either of those cases have to do with North Dakota’s laws for victims and their families in 2016.

Especially when the North Dakota Victim’s Assistance AssociationCAWS North Dakota, the North Dakota Women’s Network, the North Dakota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the North Dakota State’s Attorneys’ Association, the ND Association for Justice, the First Nations Womens Alliance, and the North Dakota Fraternal Order of Police all oppose it.

I can’t imagine a worse way to make public policy than to let celebrities working on behalf of a measure campaign funded exclusively by one California billionaire hoodwink voters with sad, sad stories.

I hope Marsy’s Law goes down in flames, and then I hope state lawmakers give some serious consideration to reforming the initiated measure process.

On a related note, this is clearly the Marsy’s Law folks bringing out their big guns, but it’s coming a little late in the game I think. According to the Secretary of State’s office over 82,000 North Dakotans have already voted. That’s a big chunk of the of the approximately 350,000+ ballots which will be cast in ND this election cycle.