Kelly Armstrong: Clearing up Disinformation About Hunters and Voting


This guest post was submitted by Kelly Armstrong, a Republican state Senator from Dickinson and candidate for the U.S. House

Throughout this campaign, Team Armstrong has worked hard to keep our focus on our campaign and our message. But as a lifelong outdoorsman whose favorite place in the world is in the field with a shotgun, bow, or rifle, I feel the need to respond to the North Dakota Democrats attempt to keep hunters and gun owners from voting.

Let me be clear, voting in North Dakota does not automatically make you a North Dakota resident for hunting purposes. Residency for Game and Fish purposes is six months. Residency for voting is thirty days. If you make North Dakota your home you should all participate in our elections. And if you make North Dakota your home, you have the absolute right to vote here.

More importantly, this callous attempt by the democrats to keep you from going to the polls shows exactly how they feel about our outdoor heritage and tradition. They don’t want hunters to go to the polls. They don’t want gun owners to go to the polls. This is a shameful attempt to scare people who support the 2nd Amendment from participating in the election.

This is a cynical ploy to scare outdoorsman away from the voting booth. It is dishonest and desperate. Make no mistake, this is a perfect example of the Washington liberal, anti-hunter, anti-gun agenda. And it gives us a crystal clear picture of who is running the democratic party. They are not being run by North Dakotans. They are being run DC consultants who would not know the difference between a mule deer and a whitetail if their life depended on it.

Please go vote.