Joe Miller: I Endorse Doug Burgum For Governor


TOM STROMME.Tribune Sen. Joe Miller (R-Park River) was the bill carrier for SB 2351, the Corporate Farming Bill, in the Senate. Sen. Miller urged members of the Senate to agree with the amendments and vote yes on the bill.

As North Dakota Voters we, have a rare opportunity before us: to elect a leader who has proven himself capable to lead. We don’t have to gamble on political promises. The time has come for a new direction to be taken when it comes to leadership in North Dakota.

During the last decade, North Dakota has experienced growth in regions of our state that were all but forgotten.

As the Chairman of the Senate Agriculture committee and a farmer, I witnessed the Agriculture Industry rise with our energy sector to levels almost unimaginable. It was my priority to create a climate for the next generation to succeed, because I am a part of that next generation. We had some successes, and some failures, but I feel we made great steps in the right direction for North Dakota Ag.

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]Today, I am endorsing Doug Burgum for governor. Doug Burgum is the man to do the job.[/mks_pullquote]

I have nearly completed eight years in the State Senate and have seen the challenges that lie before decision makers. Reform can be a lot of talk and little action. It takes a dedicated leader to set goals, define strategy, and then effectively communicate with those involved on a regular basis.

This leader needs to be not only willing to study and learn the issues, but also fully committed to working with the various personalities that make up our government. An exhausting task, to say the least.

During my time in the Senate, we passed along significant tax savings to our citizens. Unfortunately, we also tripled the budget. One can argue that much of the spending increases were needed, but priorities were often lost to simple lack of understanding of the end goal.

We are now faced with making cuts to budgets that are have been drastically expanded exponentially beyond our economy’s ability to sustain the level of government created by Republicans in the last sixteen years. In retrospect, we should have better defined what our priorities were rather than trying to provide a state government that is all things for all people.

Today, I am endorsing Doug Burgum for governor. Doug Burgum is the man to do the job.

He is a leader, an organizer, a listener, a thinker, a doer, and an outright go-getter. His energy and drive is what we need in the governor’s office leading this great state. He will put our state back on track, and position us for growth throughout the state.

Join me in supporting Doug Burgum for governor on June 14th.