Interview: Cramer Says President Obama Has Used Sandy Hook Shooting For Gun Control Agenda


kevin cramer

Rep. Kevin Cramer was in North Dakota this weekend and announced his plans for a round table discussion about gun rights. It will be a part of a series of forums on American issues, and will be held on February 22nd in Fargo.

Cramer says he’s putting this discussion together in North Dakota because he’s dissatisfied with how the issue is being handled in Washington DC. “What we don’t need is an emotional response, a knee jerk response, from people trying to use this tragedy,” Cramer told me. “Unfortunately the President has done exactly what I hoped he wouldn’t do, which is use the tragedy.”

Last week President Obama announced his gun control agenda, and signed 23 executive orders aimed at gun control. Cramer wasn’t impressed with the president’s proposals. “If they’re 23 such great ideas, why did it take him over four years to come up with them?” Speaking about President Obama’s entire list of proposals, both executive orders and policy proposals for Congress (all stemming from what Cramer described as Vice President Joe Biden’s “phony round table”), the Congressman says he sees little to like. “Let’s have a thorough discussion not just about guns and clips and what we call a particular weapon, but rather let’s have comprehensive discussion on the issue.”

“I think the President hasn’t been helpful in this discussion,” Cramer told me.

I also asked Rep. Cramer a few questions about fiscal matters. Asked if he supports the plan being reported in the media to authorize a 3-month increase in the debt ceiling so that the Senate can pass a budget, Cramer said he’s “inclined to go along with it” but that he doesn’t think the idea will go anywhere.

“I don’t think we’re going to raise the debt ceiling for three months because I have a hard time believing Harry Reid is going to pass a budget,” he said.

Here’s the audio: