Interesting: Jasper Schneider Paying To Promote Facebook Page


It’s way too early to start talking about candidates for statewide office in 2014. Or maybe it’s not. Here’s something interesting I spotted on Facebook today. Jasper Schneider, a former Democrat legislator and candidate for Insurance Commissioner, is paying to promote his Facebook page.

This popped up in my feed today. Note the “sponsored” link at the bottom.


Schneider is currently the head of Rural Development in North Dakota for the US Department of Agriculture. Which makes you wonder, why is he paying to promote his Facebook page?

The obvious answer is because he has aspirations beyond that position in the future. Which inspires another question, what does he want to run for?

No doubt he’s not willing to say yet.

Last year Schneider held a series of events across the state he billed as North Dakota 2.0 which was clearly pushing a partisan agenda. The left-leaning North Dakota media touted the findings of Schneider’s events, but those who attended were only allowed to answer questions with pre-selected answers.

Regardless, it was a bizarre enterprise for a federal bureaucrat to embark on (at the expense of the taxpayers, no less), but clearly illustrative of Schneider’s political ambitions.