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Nick Bata: What I Would Do as Insurance Commissioner

Nick Bata: What I Would Do as Insurance Commissioner

The Problem Everything government touches it ruins. Money, banking, healthcare and insurance no longer serve their primary functions. The monopoly over the supply of money has created a vehicle for endless taxation via inflation. Banking has become so regulated where competition has been eliminated and are dominated by state-approved banking cartels. Healthcare transformed from low-cost doctors

LegitSlater: Does North Dakota Have Too Many Elected Offices?

Last week, SAB contributor Rod St. Aubyn opined that perhaps we in North Dakota elect too many offices. Specifically, he asked: “What do the offices of State Auditor, State Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner, Public Service Commissioners, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner and Tax Commissioner have in common? In North Dakota all of

Interesting: Jasper Schneider Paying To Promote Facebook Page

It’s way too early to start talking about candidates for statewide office in 2014. Or maybe it’s not. Here’s something interesting I spotted on Facebook today. Jasper Schneider, a former Democrat legislator and candidate for Insurance Commissioner, is paying to promote his Facebook page. This popped up in my feed today. Note the “sponsored” link

Dorso Column: There's Still A Lot On The Plate For Legislators

There is still a lot of legislation to be debated in Bismarck. I doubt the abortion debate will moderate much over the next few months. I applaud the two men who have banded together, although of opposing views, to put the issues in front of the citizens of North Dakota. Once they have the Secy.

Senate Overrules Part of Smoking Ban

In what is yet another example of unintended consequences regarding the recent statewide smoking ban passed during the November general election, the North Dakota Senate was forced to take action today to overrule part of this law which was brought via initiated measure. SB 2117, sponsored by the Senate Government and Veterans Affairs Committee at

Executive Branch Officials Get Pay Increases Under Governor's Budget

Taking a look at Governor Dalrymple’s proposed budgets for the various executive office holders reveals big pay increases. Dalrymple intends for these statewide elected officials to each reap an 11.4% pay increase from 2012 to 2015. Here’s the specific dollar amounts for each office (you can read the actual bills here, look at HB1001 –