In The Legislature Today: Property Tax Reforms And Drone Regulation


I posted earlier today about the reduction in the state sales tax proposed by Rep. Rick Becker which will be heard before the House Finance and Tax Committee. Here are some other bills also being heard today:

HB1199, introduced by Rep. Jeff Delzer, would require that cities, counties and school districts pass their budget and tax levy in a manner that allows them to be referred by the public if a petition with signatures amounting to 10% of the qualified electors of that city/county/school district is filed.

HB1239, introduced by Rep. Ben Koppelman, would cap property valuation increases at no more than 3% a year. From the bill:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the taxable valuation on any parcel of taxable property may not exceed by more than three percent the amount of the taxable valuation on that parcel of taxable property in the preceding taxable year, except to the extent improvements to the property have been made which were not included in the taxable valuation of the property in the previous taxable year.

HB1373, introduced by Rep. Rick Becker, would regulate law enforcement’s use of surveillance drones requiring them to obtain a warrant except in exigent circumstances such as a natural disaster or while searching for a missing person.