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Podcast: Responding to McFeely, Special Assessments, North Dakota Secession

Podcast: Responding to McFeely, Special Assessments, North Dakota Secession

I took some time on the radio show today to respond to criticism Mike McFeely has thrown at me for writing too often, and too critically, of his preferred candidate for the U.S Senate. I also spoke to Fargo City commission candidate Tim Flakoll about his plan for special assessments. Current Commissioner Tony Gehrig, who

Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig, left and Mayor Tim Mahoney listen to a discussion. Forum file photo

Tony Gehrig: Incentives Don’t Lower Property Taxes

I do not blame any company for seeking incentives. Rather, I blame the government for giving them away. Incentives represent an unfair and unsustainable tax system that affects real people. Some proponents, mainly those receiving the incentives, are attempting to rebrand incentives as a good thing for everyone. Many even advocate for expanding them even

An architect's sketch of the Block 9 tower that's planned for the corner of Broadway and Third Avenue North in downtown Fargo. Rendering by Skidmore, Owens and Merrill.

Jason Flohrs: North Dakota Needs to Dump Corporate Welfare

The Fargo city council made headlines recently by approving big property tax increases to pay for the city budget. To justify their vote, they’ve pointed the finger at valuation increases and changes in state aid dollars. But that’s not the whole story. They are also giving away millions of dollars of tax breaks each year

Senate majority leader Sen. Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson), left, and House majority leader Rep. Al Carlson (R-Fargo) review amendments for legislation. TOM STROMME/Bismarck Tribune

Majority Leaders Al Carlson and Rich Wardner: Property Tax Hikes Are Probably the Result of Local, Not State, Budgeting

This guest post was submitted by Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson) and House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R-Fargo). Property taxes are a hot topic right now, especially in communities where property tax increases are being considered. Without exception, no one likes taxes, especially property taxes. That said, property taxes are necessary to fund local

Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig listens to Commissioner Dave Piepkorn speak about Gehrig's plan to cut the city's property taxes by 20-percent during a city commissioner's meeting at the Civic Center on Monday, July 20, 2015. Nick Wagner / The Forum

We Have Got to Start Holding Local Leaders Responsible for Property Tax Hikes

Property taxes are going up across the state – Fargo, notably, just approved a big hike which has many citizens upset – and predictably local leaders are already passing the buck. These are people who will rant until blue in the face about local control, but try getting them to accept some local accountability for

Maybe Economic Development Policies Really Do Drive up Tax Burdens

There are two points of view when it comes to economic development policies which include tax exemptions. Critics say that by exempting certain businesses or properties from taxes narrows the overall tax base, putting upward pressure on the taxes levied on everyone else not exempted. Proponents argue that the exemptions spur development which wouldn’t happen

Don’t Let Local Property Tax Hikes Be Automatic

“City property taxes are going to go up.” That’s what Blake Crosby, executive director of the North Dakota League of Cities, told me during a radio interview this week. His argument is that lawmakers dabbled in property tax policy, implementing buy downs of local property taxes funded by statewide surpluses, but did so without an

Audio: Cities Representative Said Legislature Had No “Exit Strategy” From Property Tax Buydowns

“City property taxes are going to go up.” That’s what Blake Crosby, executive director of the North Dakota League of Cities, told me on air yesterday. “It depends on the particular city,”  he added, “but generally speaking yes they’re going to have to.” He blamed the Legislature for the increases. He said that state lawmakers

Doug Burgum gets a briefing on the Cardinal IG plant Friday, May 27, 2016, in Fargo. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Governor Burgum: Everyone Wants Lower Taxes “as Long as It Doesn’t Mean Cuts in Government Jobs in Their Location”

I had Governor Doug Burgum on my radio show on Friday and we talked about property taxes and the push for health policy reform in Washington D.C. (more on those things in a moment), but the most interesting things he had to say were about higher education I think. I flagged some of Burgum’s comments


Senator Jessica Unruh: Permanent Property Tax Reform Is What’s Best for North Dakotans

This session, the state of North Dakota continued in its efforts to keep property taxes and basic services local while providing substantial permanent relief to taxpayers and reform to the system. In recent years, state programs like the 12% property tax buy-down have been highly publicized, but only provided short-term relief to property taxpayers in