Illinois’ eavesdropping proposal aims to protect cops, government first


By Benjamin Yount | Watchdog Radio

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Calling Illinois’ proposed eavesdropping law a push to protect privacy is like calling a triple bacon cheeseburger a light snack.

Illinois lawmakers have sent a proposal to Gov. Pat Quinn that would re-establish an eavesdropping law in Illinois (the old law was struck down as unconstitutional) that protects cops and government officials first and foremost.

The law would allow someone to record police giving orders to large crowds, but when it comes to conversations between police officers on the jobs, the rules get murky.

Illinois lawmakers also want to make sure their emails are off limits. The plan appears to make it a crime to forward emails or share email attachments, even with journalists.

Benjamin Yount has more in a conversation on Illinois Watchdog Radio.