Here's Hundreds Of Domains The University Of North Dakota Has Registered For Nickname Transition


As I wrote earlier today the University of North Dakota has been giving myself and a SAB reader the run-around on disclosing which internet domains the university has registered ahead of the much-anticipated transition to a new nickname.

UND has been making a big deal about how transparent they’ve been in this process, even going so far as to release thousands of nickname suggestions submitted via the internet to a committee overseeing the transition. But after someone noticed that was forwarding to the UND sports site – Flickertails has long been seen as the preferred replacement for “Fighting Sioux” by the UND administration – I got curious about what domains the university has registered.

Unfortunately when I made an open records request for the information UND spokesman Peter Johnson told myself, as well as SAB reader C.T. Marhula, that such a list doesn’t exist. Except, after I emailed Johnson earlier today telling him that I felt he was breaking open records laws and suggesting my next stop would be the Attorney General’s office, it turned out there was a list after all.

“The North Dakota University System, it turns out, had a list of domain names and also compiled other domain names, as did the School of Medicine & Health Sciences and Athletics,” Johnson wrote via email this afternoon.

Just another moment of honesty, integrity, and transparency brought to you by the North Dakota University System, which has a bad track record with transparency.

Johnson also included a list of domains purchased by Padilla CRT, the consultant group working with UND on the nickname transition.

Here is the list of domains owned by UND, which is actually quite short despite Johnson’s previous excuse for not providing this list which was that UND owns “lots of domain names as a regionally large university with lots of web presence (more than 40,000 pages) and a number of units with their own servers or who operate through other servers.”

Here’s the list of domains registered by Padilla CRT specifically for the nickname transition.

Chinooks and Locomotives and Zodiacs, oh my! My favorite, though, is the UND Seminoles. Sure, it’s still a Native American nickname, but apparently the NCAA is ok with that one.