Heidi Heitkamp Suggests Constituents Make A Contribution To Democrats To Talk To Her


heidi heitkamp

Senator Heidi Heitkamp is holding a town hall in Grand Forks this weekend, which should be an opportunity for constituents to come and giver her a piece of their mind. Except, Heitkamp and her political party aren’t calling it a town hall. They’re calling it a “Coffee and Conversation” with Senator Heitkamp and they suggest you make a contribution to the Democrat party if you want to talk to Heitkamp.


When Congressman Rick Berg was in office he held town hall events. These events weren’t political events. They weren’t staged by the North Dakota Republican party. There was no suggested donation requested as a prerequisite for entering.

These events were coordinated by Rep. Berg’s congressional staff, were held in neutral locations and were open to everyone in the public. In fact, many in the public came and were quite critical of Berg, something that made headlines at the time.

It’s too bad that Senator Heitkamp can’t hold herself to the same standard.