Senator Heidi Heitkamp Donated Shutdown Salary To "Beer For Boobs" Charity


I’ve written at length (and even discussed on television) my efforts to find out whether or not Senator Heidi Heitkamp donated her salary during the government shutdown last year, and where she donated it. But Senator Heitkamp and her staff have not responded to my requests for information, mostly because I think Heitkamp likes to avoid people who might ask her a tough question.

North Dakota Democrats attacked Rep. Kevin Cramer for not donating his salary, so clearly they felt it was an important issue. And when I asked Senator Hoeven for the details of his donation, he staff got me a quick answer (he gave $5,000 to the Wounded Warriors and $5,000 to the ND National Guard). But Senator Heitkamp has refused to give up the details, until now.

When the Washington Post came asking, Senator Heitkamp’s office gave up the details. Sort of. Here are the details the Post got:


About $8,000?

I don’t want to belabor the issue, but her office couldn’t give an exact answer on a simple question? Also, it would be interesting to know the timing of the donations, and the amount breakdown.

Did Heitkamp make the donation at the time she announced it, or only after a certain blogger, *ahem*, started asking about it?

Here’s the website for Beer for Boobs, which looks like a pretty cool charity. My grandmother died from breast cancer, so it’s an issue that’s pretty near to my heart.

Here’s the website for the HERO foundation, which also looks like a worthy cause.