Conservatives like me like to complain a lot about how large and meddlesome government has become. And while those complaints are perfectly valid – I think America’s national government has grown so far beyond the scope it was originally intended for that it’s become inherently ungovernable – we still don’t have anything on the Europeans.

First it was the French hobbling innovative ride-hailing app Uber with a requirement that they wait a minimum of 15 minutes before picking anyone up. Now comes news that the European Union has made it illegal to call a Cornish pastry a Cornish pastry unless it’s made in Cornwall.

And they’ll also be regulating what specifically constitutes a Cornish pastry:

A PASTY which can no longer be called Cornish has been branded “bizarre” and “wrong” by Plymouth manufacturers because it contains peas and carrots.

Northern-based baker Greggs has been outlawed from using the term because its popular snack does not contain traditional ingredients.

Under new European Union laws, a Cornish pasty can only contain beef, potatoes, onions, swede and light seasoning. It must also be prepared or cooked in the Duchy.

The Protected Geographical Indication status is the same which safeguards the reputation of products such as Stilton cheese.

How did people ever manage before Big Government was around to regulate our recipes for us?