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No, Grand Forks Herald, Tougher DUI Laws May Not Actually Be Right for North Dakota

No, Grand Forks Herald, Tougher DUI Laws May Not Actually Be Right for North Dakota

The Grand Forks Herald today has an editorial praising Minnesota for their progress in reducing DUI-related fatalities, and lashing North Dakota for failing to achieve the same progress. The editorial is correct in a top-level sort of way. Minnesota has made tremendous progress on this front. From 1998 to 2017 the state saw a more than

Maybe We Should Spend Less on Arresting Drunk Drivers and More on Getting Them Home Safe

We should be doing a better job of tracking the impact ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft are having on drunk driving rates in North Dakota. We have spent literally decades making various changes and reforms to our traffic laws in an attempt to curve the very real problem with driving under the influence.

Maybe Safe Rides Home, And Not Tougher Penalties, Are A Better Solution For Drunk Driving

When it comes to drunk driving there is a tendency, in the arena of public debate, to suppose that the best solution is a “get tough” approach. The only initiatives policymakers and the public seem interested in are more enforcement, more fines, and more jail. But what if there was a better way? I’ve been asking

Bette Grande: Uber Is Not The Problem

Earlier this month the Fargo Forum reported that the Fargo City Commission was considering a re-write of local taxi regulations which would have had a negative impact on Uber and other ‘ride-hailing’ companies.  The City Commission wisely tabled the draft regulations and directed staff to write separate rules for ride-hailing companies. When traveling I use