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Matt Evans: Our Relationship With France Is Complicated

Matt Evans: Our Relationship With France Is Complicated

Last weekend, Islamic terrorists murdered a whole bunch of people in Paris.  One of the attacks appears to have targeted the French president, in fact. As you would expect, there has been an outpouring of support for the victims of this massacre.  One thing that has also happened, and that I did not expect, is

No Subsidies For The Movie Industry In North Dakota

A group of filmmakers have announced a new project in North Dakota: A film about Teddy Roosevelt based on the book “Young Four Eyes.” But their ambitions go beyond the film, apparently. They don’t just want to make a movie. They want to start a movie industry in the state, and they say the first

The Price Of An Obama Diplomatic Appointment Is About $550,000 In Campaign Contributions

This from the self-described most transparent and ethical administration in history: The researchers compared available information on donors’ direct political contributions and “bundling” — money raised on behalf of Mr. Obama by supporters — with data on the national income of host countries, their relative level of safety, and the robustness of their tourist industries.