Gosnell Guilty, But Will His Enablers Ever Face Trial?


Good news out of Pennylvania as news breaks that abortion doctor Kerimt Gosnell has been found guilty of three counts of murder (he’s facing hundreds of charges).

But I wonder, when will we get justice for his enablers?

One of the most horrifying aspects of Gosnell’s case – aside from the crimes he committed directly which were themselves something not even the most daring of blood-and-gore horror movies would touch – was the community of government bureaucrats, abortion groups and hospitals who looked the other way.

Gosnell was enabled because people who should no better, people whose job it was to help prevent the very sort of things Gosnell is guilty of, did nothing to stop him. Or report him. Or warn away women before they were infected by diseases from sterile instruments or, worse, maimed or killed by unqualified staff.

People were hurt, women were hurt, in part because the pro-abortion movement didn’t want to give the pro-life folks any ammunition.

The worst sorts of evil always require buy-in from more than the direct perpetrator of the crimes. History’s dictators needed their political constituencies. The Ku Klux Klan would have flamed out quickly had the communities hey operated in not protected them.

And decades of murder and suffering could have been spared had, at any one of many points in the timeline of his crimes, someone had chosen to do something instead of nothing.

Update: Planned Parenthood’s reaction ignores the fact that Gosnell was found guilty of murdering babies:

We can all be glad Gosnell isn’t going to be victimizing any more women, but leave it to Planned Parenthood to ignore the atrocities he committed with the children.

Update: From the New York Times, Gosnell didn’t murder babies. He murdered “fetuses…removed from their mothers.”

Update: NARAL, too, ignores the fact that Gosnell was convicted for murdering babies:

Kermit Gosnell has been found guilty and will get what he deserves. Now, let’s make sure these women are vindicated by delivering what all women deserve: access to the full range of health services including safe, high-quality and legal abortion care.