George Will: "Opposition To Gay Marriage Is Literally Dying"


I’ve written before, to the consternation of many conservative readers of this site, that the GOP’s on-going opposition to gay marriage is foolish as a long-term political strategy. That’s because younger generations of Americans are either agnostic on the issue, or very much opposed to the idea of the state banning gay marriage.

And George Will agrees arguing that “opposition to gay marriage is literally dying” today on ABC. What he means by “literally dying” is that the bastion of opposition to gay marriage lays in older demographics who are dying out.

“He will not be the last,” said Will of Senator Rob Portmann embracing support for gay marriage. “If you raise the question among young people they’re not interested,” he said. “This is not at the top of their agenda. It’s not even on their agenda.

He’s right. From this point forward, all opposition to gay marriage can do for Republicans is cost them elections.

Watch video of Will’s comments here.