Democrats Snap Up Domain Names For Possible George Sinner Campaign


MIXED FEELINGS: Nearly a month after saying he'd make an announcement about running for House, state Senator George Sinner is still feeling "mixed"

I have an article at today about North Dakota Democrats and their struggles with candidate recruitment. Personally, I think state Senator George Sinner of Fargo is going to, inevitably, be their candidate to challenge incumbent Rep. Kevin Cramer.

But it’s got to be causing Democrats a lot of angst that he’s sort of backing his way into the race.

As I wrote in the article, he’s missed multiple deadlines to announce a campaign that he set for himself, and he’s still not in. Not even starting an official campaign until mid-February against an incumbent who a) won a decisive election victory two years ago and b) seems to be pretty popular so far isn’t a good sign for Democrats.

Regardless, today Forum Communications reporter Kyle Potter spotted something interesting. It seems North Dakota Democrats (or, at least, a company that does a lot of online development for them) has snatched up the SinnerforCongress domain name:

This doesn’t necessarily mean Sinner is running, of course. It could be a pre-emptive move to keep pranksters from squatting on domains for potential Democrat candidates. The registration isn’t even that new.

But I do think Sinner will, at some point in the future, be the candidate for Democrats. How inspiring voters find Sinner as a candidate remains to be seen.