Some Western North Dakota Spill Reports Might Be Getting A Little Absurd


Last year, after a major oil pipeline spill near Tioga, the North Dakota media threw a hissy fit claiming that spills of hazardous materials in the state weren’t being reported.

Of course, they were being reported. The only people who weren’t doing the reporting were the reporters who weren’t asking for the information. Regardless, state officials now seem oversensitive to criticism of reporting spills, and they’re sending out press releases about everything.

Which brings us to this:


What’s next? A press release every time it rains in North Dakota? Or anytime someone waters the lawn? Because that’s sort of a “freshwater spill” too, isn’t it?

Which isn’t to say that I’m against transparency in these matters. I think the fact that the Department of Health has created an online, up-to-date database of all spills in the state is a wonderful thing.

But the media sensationalism is a bit nauseating.