How You Can Support "Unauthorized" A Documentary About The Fighting Sioux Nickname Fight

fighting sioux documentary

The saga of the Fighting Sioux nickname has come to a close, for the most part, with the University of North Dakota moving on as the Fighting Hawks.

So perhaps it’s time to take a look back at the story of this controversy. Bismarck-based filmmaker Matt Fern has done just that.

The film is called Unauthorized, and it takes a look at the tempestuous nickname issue through interviews with activists and observers. I did an interview with Matt some time back parts of which made the final cut, I’m happy to say.

Matt also screened a not-quite-finalized version of the film for me, and I must say that it’s quite good. Nor does it take sides. The issue is presented fairly with voices from both the opponents and supporters of the Fighting Sioux nickname. A trailer for the film is embedded above if you want to take a look.

Filming isn’t quite completed, and even when it is the film needs to be distributed, so Matt has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds so that this story can reach its audience. He’s got a goal of $50,000 and he’s about 4 percent there as I write this (I believe the Kickstarter launched yesterday).

At the link Matt is transparent about what the funds are needed for, and how they’ll be allocated, and it’s not like you won’t be rewarded for your contribution. There is a list of what you will receive for various levels of financial support, including early access to the finished product.

And if Matt doesn’t hit his goal, he doesn’t get the money. Plus, did I mention that 5 percent of the proceeds will go to support the Lakota Language Nest? A language immersion program aimed at reviving the language of the Standing Rock Sioux? Also a cause worthy of support (more info on that here).

So even if you want to support Matt but can’t fit a contribution into your budget, consider sharing his Kickstarter on social media. That’s free, you know. But seriously, the bottom tier for contributions is $10. You can do that.

If you want to contribute, you can use the widget below, or hit this link.