Fighting Sioux Documentary Needs Your Help To Hit Its Goal

fighting sioux documentary

Last month I wrote about UNAUTHORIZED! a documentary made about the Fighting Sioux nickname fight by Bismarck filmmaker Matt Fern, who also made the admittedly dubious decision to include me in the film (I’m joking).

At the time Fern was just getting his Kickstarter campaign for the movie off the ground. Now he’s got a good chunk of change in the door – but now with nine days to go he needs help getting over the top. If he doesn’t hit his $50,000 goal he gets zero dollars.

Above is an exclusive clip from the documentary Matt created for SAB. Below are some reasons why you should contribute:

  • For a $40 contribution not only will you help others see the bill, you’ll get a digital advance copy of the film for your own viewing pleasure.
  • This is a story worth telling. The Fighting Sioux nickname fight has spanned decades, involved two separate bills passed by the Legislature and one statewide referendum. However you feel about the nickname, the issue has become an important part of our history.
  • It’s a fair telling of the story. Fern doesn’t take side. He interviewed people both opposed to the nickname and for it.
  • 5 percent of all proceeds will go to the Lakota Language Nest (Lakȟól’iyapi Hoȟpí), a language immersion program for kids that strives to revive the language of the Standing Rock Sioux. That’s a worth cause too.
  • Matt’s a North Dakota filmmaker. If we support this project, it will help him do more projects in the future.

You can contribute to the film by using the widget below. Please do so. Even a $10 contribution can help move this project along.