Fighting Hawks, Roughriders Advance To Final UND Nickname Vote, Turnout Up To 32 Percent

fighting sioux

The results from the second round of voting in the UND nickname transition process are in, and Nodaks has been eliminated from the running.

The full email from UND is below. Here are the results:

Total number of votes: 26,479

Fighting Hawks: 12,098  (45.69 percent)
Roughriders: 7,400 (27.95 percent)
Nodaks: 6,981 (26.36 percent)

Interestingly, there were more votes in this round than in the first one. Out of about 82,000 eligible voters, 22,307 cast votes in the first round for about a 27 percent turnout rate.

In this round, there were a little more than 4,000 more votes for about a 32 percent turnout rate.

Which is still really, really low but perhaps some of the nonstop media attention has stirred more interest.

The full email sent out by the school is below.