Fargo Schools Decide To Allow Student Pro-Life Groups


After much ballyhoo and rigamarole two Fargo public schools have grudgingly decided to allow students to form pro-life groups.

Below is a press release sent out by the Thomas More Society.

This is a victory, I think. Whatever your position on abortion, there’s nothing wrong with recognizing the right of students to organize groups advocating a specific position on the issue. In fact, when I interviewed two of the national activists backing this push for pro-life groups they told me that they would, and have, happily support the right of students to create pro-abortion groups.

Meaning this issue was never so much about abortion as the right of student to organize and express a point of view that many find controversial.

That’s an important win these days when many seem to feel that they have a right not to be offended which trumps 1st amendment rights.

I’m glad the Fargo public schools ultimately relented and allowed these groups to form, and kudos to the students and activists who won this fight, but it’s a mark of shame on Fargo’s school administrators that this fight was even necessary.

What message are we sending our kids when we try to block certain social and political viewpoints? Not a very good one.

A better lesson for kids is the freedom to express their points of views, even on sticky social issues like abortion, alongside the expectation that they have respect and tolerance even for those points of view they disagree with.