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Kevin Cramer: Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman

Kevin Cramer: Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman

Last Sunday, my wife Kris and I joined with others on the steps of the North Dakota Capitol in -14 degree wind chill weather to stand with other pro-life North Dakotans and declare that every human life is precious and deserves protection. Today (Friday, Jan. 22), in spite of blizzard warnings, thousands from across the country are

Fargo Schools Decide To Allow Student Pro-Life Groups

After much ballyhoo and rigamarole two Fargo public schools have grudgingly decided to allow students to form pro-life groups. Below is a press release sent out by the Thomas More Society. This is a victory, I think. Whatever your position on abortion, there’s nothing wrong with recognizing the right of students to organize groups advocating

Audio: Pro-Life Advocates Describe Their Beef With Fargo Public Schools

Yesterday news broke indicating that students and a pro-life group they belong to were seeking possible litigation against Fargo Public Schools for disallowing the creation of pro-life groups in two of the district’s schools. Today while guest hosting for Mike Kapel on WDAY AM970 in Fargo I had on Jocelyn Floyd from the Thomas Moore