Fargo Legislators Worried About Fargo Flood Control Language In The Party Platform


In their final act of a long convention day that saw restless delegates sit through a series of nominations for unopposed candidates, North Dakota Republicans unanimously passed a platform of resolutions for the 2014 election cycle.

The full document is below, but some Fargo Republicans I’ve spoken to – particularly legislators – say they’re worried about language in the platform about contentious flood diversion for the City of Fargo.

Resolution 54 states “That a more basin wide approach be considered that benefits more communities and property with a lesser cost and ill repercussions to others.”

Compounding the issue, in the eyes of legislators I spoke to, is language that also requires the state party to push for the party’s resolutions to be turned into bills in the next legislative session. Resolution 55 requires that the party find legislative sponsors to introduce and support bills originating from the party’s platform.

With Democrats making headway against Republicans in Fargo, and feelings that most Fargo citizens support flood diversion, Republican legislators are worried this language will hurt them this election year.

Here’s the full document of resolutions approved today

NDGOP 2014 Resolutions