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Why Is The Mayor Of Oxbow Getting Almost 200 Percent Of His Property Value For A Flood Diversion Buyout?

Recently Rich Mattern, the Mayor of West Fargo, vented some spleen at Governor Jack Dalrymple and the Legislature over their priorities on water projects. Mattern pointed out that while his constituents are facing higher water bills because the state wouldn’t make money available for a new water plant, the City of Oxbow is getting a

Fargo Legislators Worried About Fargo Flood Control Language In The Party Platform

In their final act of a long convention day that saw restless delegates sit through a series of nominations for unopposed candidates, North Dakota Republicans unanimously passed a platform of resolutions for the 2014 election cycle. The full document is below, but some Fargo Republicans I’ve spoken to – particularly legislators – say they’re worried

Were Fargo Flood Projections Exaggerated To Bully Legislature Into Approving Diversion Funds?

Fargo-area leaders were quick to cite the projections for a “flood of record” during the debate in the state legislature over funding for the region’s controversial flood diversion project. But now it seems that the flood will fall well short of those dire projections, and in fact looking at the latest trend lines for water