Here Are the Emails Between Governor Burgum’s Office and Xcel Energy Setting up His Uber Expensive Super Bowl Trip


The story about Governor Doug Burgum’s Super Bowl trip just won’t go away, mostly because Burgum’s office has handled the whole thing pretty terribly.

Not only should Burgum never have accepted the hospitality of Xcel Energy in the first place, but it now appears he didn’t fully disclose the entire cost of the trip. The Governor’s office initially said Burgum repaid Xcel some $37,000 for the Super Bowl trip.

It now appears, per reporting from the Associated Press over the weekend, that the figure was closer to $40,000 thanks to the expense of attending a Minnesota Wild hockey game, a private brunch with Xcel, and a tailgating party.

You can read the emails from Xcel’s people to Burgum’s staff about the trip below.

I have no idea why Burgum wouldn’t have included this additional $2,500 in expenses in his initial statement saying he was repaying Xcel for the trip.

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