Rep. Dwight Kiefert: Trust The Legislature And Vote Yes On Measure 1, No On Measure 5


When you vote yes for Constitutional Measure # 5, what you are saying is you no longer trust your State Legislature to do what’s right for the people of North Dakota or our State.

When we consider an issue in the House of Representatives, we hear from experts in the field, public input, and testimony from those involved.  Once we come up with what we feel is the best solution, it goes to the Senate to go through the same process.  Once everyone agrees on the solution, it goes to the Governor for his approval.

With measure #5, you have a multimillionaire from Florida and a few special interest groups investing around $1,000,000 in a deceitful ad campaign hoping to gain control of over 5 billion dollars of your States funds.  They claim that taking this money will not effect other programs, how can anyone possibly believe this?

If I take some of your money it will not effect your ability to pay your other bills?  They have NO PLAN to deal with anything they have mentioned in their ads.  What are they going to do to protect our schools.  What water are they talking about they are going to protect?  How are they going to protect the family farm?  If they are successful in gaining control of $5,000,000,000 of your tax dollars by only investing $1,000,000, this will only be the beginning of other Special interest groups targeting your tax dollars.

The same can be said for Measure #1

Your Legislature has passed laws to protect women and children in our state.  Measure #1 protects the Laws they have passed from having a single Federal Judge ability to declare them unconstitutional.

Please do not undermine our efforts to protect women and children in our state by believing the false claims made by a single out of state interest organization that is funding over 95% of this campaign.

Keep your trust in your State Legislature

Vote Yes on Measure #1
Vote No on Measure #5