Don't Forget: You Can Support SAB With A Subscription


We’re a little over a month into the implementation of’s “paywall” and so far I’m pretty pleased with how things are going.

A lot of you have subscribed, and for that I thank you, and for those of you who haven’t I think the paywall is just the right amount of nuisance.

Remember, for about the price of one and half Starbucks coffees you can get a monthly subscription to make those nag pop-ups go away while supporting North Dakota’s most popular and influential political blog (if I do say so myself). And the payments are easy. They’re handled by TinyPass, a respected company with a solid reputation, and you can use credit cards or PayPal or, heck, even Bitcoin if that’s your thing.

A lot of you have purchased one-time subscriptions for a month, or for six months, but I’d point out that it’s cheaper in the long run to purchase a recurring $7.50 per month subscription. It’s good for you because it costs less, and it’s good for SAB because the subscription renews automatically.

Win-win, am I right?

Anyway, thanks again for all of you who have subscribed. Every dollar helps make sure that SAB stays online, serving as a hub for news and opinion that makes a difference in our state.