Dalrymple Calls On Obama To Halt Refugee Resettlement

jack dalrymple

“For generations, our country has welcomed individuals and families seeking safety and asylum within the borders of the United States,” Governor Jack Dalrymple says in a press release today. “However, I am deeply concerned about the recent terrorist attacks carried out in France and the potential for this situation to arise in the U.S., especially given the testimony by FBI Director James Comey revealing gaps in the refugee screening system.”

“Ensuring the safety and security of North Dakotans, as well as all Americans, is a top priority for us all, and so I urge the administration to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the U.S. until the system has been reviewed and we can be assured that our citizens will be safe,” he continued.

You can read the full press release below.

Back in March ISIS apparently made threats against personnel at the Minot Air Force Base.

Also, as I wrote earlier today, North Dakota gave up oversight of refugee resettlement in the state in 2011.