Columbia’s violent crime is high, so city focuses on code enforcement


By Jamie Murguia | The Nerve

These are the facts. Just this week South Carolina was ranked the fifth most dangerous state in the nation by a report; Columbia’s two major entertainment districts have a steady level of violent crime; and over the years, there have been a dismaying number of high-profile shootings, murders andmob beatings.

Despite the rampant criminal activity taking place throughout the city, The State reported Tuesday that the city of Columbia, after a request from the Public Safety Committee, “has transferred its 20 code enforcers to the police department with the mission of getting homeowners, landlords and business owners to keep their properties in good condition.”

The 20 code enforcement officers would be part of a new “Quality of Life Unit” of the CPD. This unit would focus on a number of problems: residents who don’t put out their trash on collection days, zoning violators who work without proper permits, and those who allow parking on front yards. While these code enforcement officers wouldn’t be police officers, the CPD does want them “to be associated with the police department.” They’ll have uniforms and vehicle decals.

I feel safer already.

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