Democratic House Candidate Pled Guilty To Burglary And Three Other Charges In 2002

Chase Iron Eyes, who announced his campaign for the U.S. House today at the Democrats’ state convention in Bismarck today, pled guilty to four felony counts in 2002.

According public records obtained from the state Supreme Court’s website, Iron Eyes pled guilty to burglary, preventing arrest, theft of property, and criminal mischief.

All of the charges are listed as felonies.

The charges, filed in Burleigh County (Bismarck), originated in June of 2002. He pled guilty to them in April of 2003.

Iron Eyes is a Native American activist who resides in Fort Yates. He is a graduate of the University of North Dakota.

He has worked for the Lakota People’s Law Project and is a founder of Last Real Indians, a Native America news website.

Rep. Kevin Cramer is running for a third term in the House for Republicans. Jack Seaman is running for the House for the Libertarian Party.

UPDATE: Originally this post’s headline said Iron Eyes plead guilty to burglary and four other charges. That was an error, it was three other charges. The headline has been corrected.

Here’s the full record:

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